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The Best Ways to Bring Back Passion in Your Love Life

The Best Ways to Bring Back Passion in Your Love Life
02 July 2019

You may wonder where your love life has gone. Well, you are not alone. The most couple initially cannot keep their hands off each other, but with time and day-to-day grind, the spark can fizzle out. If you are keen to bring back passion into your love life, here are a few tried and tested methods that you should use.

Alter the Pattern of Initiating Sex

Rather than coming on too strong or denying your partner, change the way you initiate sex. Do not have a power struggle. Instead, try to compliment each other and look for ways to increase intimacy. It will work wonders and help you reignite the embers of passion.

Hold Hands for No Reason

Touching and holding hands can help the body release oxytocin, the hormone which is also known as the cuddle or love hormone. This hormone is responsible for promoting feelings of love, well-being, and bonding. It will make you feel calm, minimize stress and help you bond to enjoy sex together.

Make Foreplay an Essential Part of Your Sex

Enjoy sex, but don’t forget foreplay. It allows you to build tension and ensures you enjoy sex even more when actually have it. Keep teasing each other or change the place where you have sex. If you have always had sex in the bedroom, shift to the living room carpet, in front of the fireplace, or shower together. It will make your sex more romantic and sizzling.

Opt for a Threesome

If you and your partner agree, you can go in for a threesome. Don’t worry, there is no need to ask a friend or neighbor to join you when you have access to sexy and professional Cheap escorts in London. These escorts can work with you and your partner to help you ignite the dying flames of passion and get your love life back on track without any commitment. In fact, it is a wonderful way to bring back the passion in your bedroom and the escort will help you in that endeavor.

Make Time for Your Partner

Regardless of how stressed or busy you are, make time for your partner. Sit down together and cuddle up as you talk about your day. Take a shower together in the evening or prepare a meal together. The key is to be in the company of your partner and look for excuses to touch each other. These moments will help you come closer and ensure your passion returns with full gusto.

Discuss Your Fantasies

You may feel vulnerable, but there is nothing better to bring back the passion in your love life than to speak about your fantasies. Whether it is roleplay, mild BDSM, or anything else you desire, discuss it frankly with your partner and also get them to speak about their fantasies. That way, you can try and few things out to make sex more interesting and unique.

These are some of the best ways to bring back passion into your sex life and ensure you once again love orgasming! Don’t be afraid to involve an escort, but ensure you choose a reputable London escort agency so that you enjoy total confidentiality and discretion.