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The Wildlife Walk

The Wildlife Walk
02 May 2019

In Britain, you will find a range of amazing landscapes, right from mysterious woodlands and spectacular river banks to meadows and land cushioned with heather inhabited by a plethora of wildlife. You will be able to see rutting stags to leaping salmon, breeding puffins to red squirrels, reindeer, sea eagles and otters. In fact, this country has some absolutely stunning walks filled with awesome colours. Autumn is one of the best times of year to witness the majestic beautiful sights amid natural colours, giving an excellent chance to imbibe the best wildlife spectacles that Britain has to offer year round.

Here are a few of poplar British wild walks which you can go on. If you don’t feel like going alone, opt for the services of London escorts to make your wildlife walks thrilling and exciting.

Keats Walk, Winchester

You can follow Keats’s daily footsteps and enjoy a self-guided walk, starting from the Tourist Information Centre to St Cross, making your way through the stunning architecture and scenic landscape that inspired this iconic poet to pen an “Ode to Autumn” during his time in Winchester.

While on this walk, there are many scenicspots that you could stop to enjoy a picnic while overlooking the awe inspiring landscape. In autumn, the leaves turn into a fiery red hue and the wooded areas look ablaze, reflecting in the gentle stream that passes through.

Coed Y Brenin Forest, Wales

Propped within Snowdonia National Park is Coed Y Brenin, where one can enjoy a lot of hiking routes through the trails of the forest park. For the young or more adventurous, there are a lot of mountain bike routes to explore. The trails snake up to some vantage points that offer breathtaking views of the surrounding area, keep your eyes peeled for the mosses, ferns and lichens that pepper the trails with their range of colours.

Coed Y Brenin is full of character boasting some of the most beautiful, natural sights, like waterfalls, rivers, plants and wildlife that make up a major part of what Wales has to offer in terms of scenic beauty.

Sheffield Park, East Sussex

Sheffield Park and Garden is a botanical dream, featuring acres of landscaped gardens, with a backdrop of parks and natural woodland that let you breathe, and recharge. There are plenty of secluded spots to explore and take in the beauty. Surrounded by shrubs and trees from across the globe, flowers like redwood bluebells and magnolia bring colour to the area and you can find peace and tranquillity as you sit on the banks of four lakes that form the heart of the garden.

The parkland goes back several centuries and prior to hosting a natural play trail and the River Ouse, it was a WW2 camp and later a deer park. The area now has grown into a wildlife haven with a diverse range of spectacular species of birds (such as kingfishers), butterflies and dragonflies.

Castle Drogo, Exeter

Castle Drogo, known as ‘the last castle to be built in England’, is located on the side of the Teign Valley with an amazing view. An impressive view of Dartmoor greets you as you gaze at the Lutyens-designed terraced garden within the grounds of the castle. Taking in a deep whiff from the scent-filled rose garden to a Wendy house with its own miniature garden, there are plenty of sights to see alongside the castle.

The Teign Valley itself is an enchanted ancient gorge filled with a feeling of a faint bewitching charm in the air. The winding paths, the river trails, wildlife and beautiful foliage that one encounters help you regain your Zen.

These are some of the wildlife walks you can go for when holidaying in Britain. Remember, you never have to go alone, as these walks are best enjoyed with a companion. So, go ahead and plan your walk and come away rejuvenated.