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10 Things Young People Don’t Know about Sex

10 Things Young People Don’t Know about Sex
05 February 2022

If you enjoy sex, you should also know that there are a few things that you may not know about sex – regardless of much you have had or how good you are at it. So, here are some interesting facts that young people should know to help them come to terms with themselves and understand nuances of sex.

  1. You’ll have Better Erections if You Don’t Smoke

Studies have revealed that men who give up smoking will have harder and stronger erections that last long. So, this is a good reason to quit smoking if you want to enjoy long sex and satisfy your partner.

  1. Drunk Sex is Never Good

You may feel that consuming alcohol helps you to lose your inhibitions and as a result, you can perform better when you are with a Heathrow escort. Well, you are wrong. Alcohol reduces your sexual functions and also your response time. You will take much longer to get an erection and orgasm and this may not be the ideal experience for you.

  1. Older Adults Have a Lot of Sex

You may think that you are young and hence, your sexual drive is high. Well, older adults are beating you to it. Reports should that more men over the age of 70 are being diagnosed with STDs and STIs. Also, older adults (65 and above) are enjoying more sex than ever before.

  1. If You Smell Good, Women Will Find You Sexually Attractive

This fact is scientifically proven. Remember, London escorts go through a lot of trouble to look good for you and you too should have a bath and use deodorant so that you do not suffer from body odour. The escorts will appreciate it and enjoy sensual activities with you.

  1. Orgasm Can Clear Blocked Sinuses

If you have a cold and your sinuses are blocked, it is time to get in touch with Platinum X Escorts and book your favourite escort. When you have sex, your body releases adrenaline and this helps to clear blocked sinuses, allowing you to be pain-free.

  1. Average Male Penis Size is 5.6 Inches

This may be the average penis size, but women do not really care about the size. Many surveys reveal that women favour men who know how to use their penises correctly while having sex. So, if you are small, don’t let it give you an inferiority complex.

  1. Sexual Fetishes are Countless

There is a sexual fetish for just about every and anything. You can satisfy your fetishes as long as the other person is a consenting adult. Alternatively, you can fulfil your fetishes with London escorts, who will never judge you.

  1. Men and Women Fake Orgasms

Don’t be surprised with this fact, as it is true. Surveys have found that both men and women fake orgasms. Of course, the number of women faking it is higher, but you needn’t feel guilty if you fake it. With a Heathrow escort you never have to worry about faking it, as the escort will make you come under any circumstances!

  1. Did You Know There are Orgasm Types?

Most men only know about clitoral orgasm and G-spot orgasm. However, if you want to turn into a real-life Adonis, you should know there are many different types of orgasms that women experience. Some include:

  • U-spot orgasm
  • A-spot orgasm
  • Coregasm
  • Nipple orgasm
  • Anal orgasm
  • Multiple orgasm
  • Skin orgasm
  • Fantasy orgasm
  • Blended orgasm
  • Cervical orgasm

Men too experience different types of orgasms, like penis orgasm, nipple orgasm, prostate orgasm and skin orgasm.

  1. There’s a Reason Behind Oral Sex

Besides making you feel good, there is an evolutionary reason behind oral sex. Archaeologists believe that prehistoric men used to perform oral sex on their women to keep them faithful. When women are sexually satisfied and happy (thanks to clitoral orgasm), they do not stray!

  1. Male Orgasm Does Not Have to Have Ejaculation

As a man, you should know that if you have an orgasm, it is not necessary to ejaculate. You can still satisfy your sexual needs without squirting out. Now, isn’t that fascinating?

Now you know so much more about sex. If you are looking for adventure, just get in touch with Platinum X Cheap Escorts London to book an escort for a sensual and erotic experience. You can put many of these facts to test then.