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Make New Year’s Eve Memorable with Elite Escorts in London

Make New Year’s Eve Memorable with Elite Escorts in London
07 January 2022

It is now official that the famous Trafalgar Square fireworks and party are cancelled by the London mayor. So, that may leave you wondering what you can do on New Year’s Eve in London. The good news is that the party will be non-stop and you have several options.

Indulge in Retail Therapy

Depending on where you want to go, make sure you have the right attire. In case you don’t, you can equip yourself. Go to Mayfair, which is home to chic boutiques. You can pick up designer clothes so that you ooze panache. If you are looking for a unique shopping experience, visit Camden Market with its stylish stalls. You will get into the festive spirit the moment you step into the market.

Escape to the Countryside

If you have the company of sexy and sultry duo escorts in London, why waste your time going pub crawling or partying. You will enjoy their company and sensuality more if you decide to leave behind the humdrum of city life and spend some time in the countryside. There are numerous options to choose from. You can visit historic Bath or Salisbury. You can even take this opportunity to be amazed by Stonehenge, which is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. On the other hand, you want to spend more time exploring the curves of the escort, plan a New Year’s Eve visit to sleepy and snowy Cotswold. It will energise you and ensure you give your all to the escorts!

Alice in Wonderland

Lewis Carroll’s characters and story come to life at the rooftop garden of Queen of Hoxton in Shoreditch. The garden transforms into a themed playground and has food, décor, and drinks inspired by Alice in Wonderland. You can sip delicious and unique cocktails named after the characters, like Mad as a Hatter Mule or Jam Jar Jabberwocky. If that is not enough, there are also eats that inspired by Alice in Wonderland. You will love the Wonderland Burger and Queen of Hearts Katsu Burger. If you are lucky, you may spot the Cheshire Cat!

ABBA Disco

You can welcome 2022 at Canary Wharf. Invite escorts in London to accompany you where the stage at Boisdale will host a tribute act to ABBA. Be sure to wear platform boots so that you can shake a leg to the evergreen music. You can book dinner for the escorts and yourself so that you also enjoy delicious sustenance. The event starts from 6 pm and will go on until 2 am. Make sure you book your tickets today.

Bar Elba

Located opposite Waterloo Station, Bar Elba is renowned for its delicious fruity cocktail and panoramic views of London. The theme for the event is Light It Up and will have DJs, live music, games, giveaways, and burgers. The tickets ensure you enjoy unlimited drinks from 7 pm until 1 am.

These are some of the wonderful events for New Year’s Eve that you can enjoy in London. If you are looking for elite companions, take a look at the Platinum X gallery. Platinum X Escort is a leading escort agency and has escorts, who are stunning, elegant, and sophisticated. They will satisfy you in more ways than you can imagine.