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Asian Women vs. Western Women: The Dating Wars

Asian Women vs. Western Women: The Dating Wars
25 April 2019

The concept of dating Asian women is also known as ‘Asiaphilia’ or ‘yellow fever’ in the escort industry. People, who are well acquainted with the escort industry, have probably heard of these terms before. Maybe you could also have come across western people who only date Asian women and no one else. You might have been compelled to dig deeper into this phenomenon of interracial dating of Asian women and Caucasian men and Caucasian women and Asian men. This issue is actually more complex and deserves a microscopic look.

What attracts men and women interracially?

A common conception revolving this theory is that the appeal of Asian women for western men is largely driven by a fantasy- indulging experience that engenders feel. They get a high out of feeling dominant and a chance to exhibit their masculinity which is lacking and even threatened in their own culture. So, the attraction is very natural for western men when it comes to Asian women. That could explain why Asian escorts in London are highly coveted by western customers.

Top qualities of Asian women that attract Western men

Asian women come from a rich background of traditions, culture, and history that serves men and they are the stereotyped and docile women who are very submissive to their male counterparts. It largely dehumanises the male fantasy. The sex industry that primarily caters to western men does not encircle only around selling flesh, but also in unimaginable fantasies that are derived from the richness of intimacy.

In the escort industry, there is an all-out war between Asian women and western women, with each trying to claim to be better and more attractive. However, attraction is something very personal, and western men may find the submissive behavior of Asian escorts more to their liking, as it allows them to enjoy the power they wield over the escort, even if it is a short duration. It makes them feel more potent in every sense of the way. They cannot assert themselves the same way as a western escort, who will demand to be treated as an equal.

Asian women vs. Western women – A comparison

  1. Asian women are docile, servile, and submissive. In fact, most are seasoned to serve their men right from childhood. Western women, on the other hand, are more independent and require equality in everything that they do.
  2. It is true to a large extent that independence and power do exist equally and are highly valued by Western women, whereas Asian women value traditions, community, and social harmony above themselves. They come from a patriarchal society and it influences their behavioral traits in many ways.
  3. Asian women are petite and smallish but are extremely beautiful. Western women are very beautiful and tall but are heavy-boned. Some men do not like to encounter masculinity in bed and this could be one of the reasons why western men often get attracted more often to Asian women than their western counterparts.

Decoding the Asian fetish: a few famous words about this syndrome

A renowned observer and author, Sheridan Prasso, called this phenomenon as “Asian Mystique…the fantasy of the exotic, indulging, decadent, sensual Oriental who will indulge you and delight you with the decadence and servility that no women in your own culture could.”

This type of ‘fetishisation’ of Asian women often makes them wonder if their western suitor is interested in them as a person or due to their servility surrounding the Asian Mystique.

Many Asian women work as London escorts and are in high demand among their clients. However, this should not detract from the beauty and brains of western women, who also work as escorts and are equally popular with their clients. As long as there are Asian and western women vying for attention from men, the dating wars will continue unabated, whether it is the civil society or the escort industry.