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“Love does make sex better”, says science

“Love does make sex better”, says science
02 September 2019

The argument of whether love and sex are two different things has been going on in London society for a very long time now. Some individuals believe that they both are almost interchangeable, they assume if sex is present then love is as well, however, some believe that the two are not connected at all. According to their beliefs and ideology, you can easily have sex with someone without loving or being loved by the person. This is a major reason behind lonely men seeking the services of gorgeous Central London escorts when they want to engage in some hot action. But science says that love and sex are connected and go hand in hand. Here’s a list of reasons why.

  1. Love And Sexual Desire Come From The Same Place

A Canadian study revealed that the part of your brain that handles emotions is where sexual desire comes from. Both your emotions and sexual desires are guided by the insular cortex. This study has made people believe that love and sex are connected. However, you can choose to have sex when love is not present, but it can be difficult for emotions to handle. As they come from the same place, sexual desire and love lead to some of the same reactions in your brain which leads to confusion about what you’re experiencing. This is one of the reasons, why some people assume that they are in love after they have sex when the other person doesn’t. Science also proves that having sex with someone you love makes it even better as your brain gets a double dose of the chemicals that make you feel good.

  1. Love Makes Sex More Fulfilling

Penn State researchers conducted a survey where they questioned 98 women and found that the majority of women believe that sexual experience is better and more fulfilling when love is present. And just so you know, this survey was regardless of whether it was in a marriage or a dating relationship.

  1. Sex is More Meaningful With Love

You can have casual sex with North London escorts without feeling any emotions of love and enjoy it, sex is sex. However, when you love someone and have sex with them, both the physical and emotional needs of a person are satisfied. Even if you enjoy the physical aspect of casual sex, there will be a level of emptiness that comes with sex when love is absent.

  1. Sex In A Loving Relationship Deepens The Feelings Of Love

When both partners who love each other have sex regularly, the feelings of love that they have for each other become deeper and stronger. That’s because of the chemical reactions love and sex have on your brain and that is also one of the reasons why the feeling of love no longer exists in sexless marriages.

  1. You learn about each other

The sexual experience is better when a couple is in love because, you both learn about each other’s sexual preferences, and what you like. This means that you have put in some effort to know them.

  1. Love adds trust and compassion

This means that you can’t trust someone you don’t know. While you could be in a club hoping for an encounter with a hot stranger that turns into a one-night stand, however, that will never be able to stand up to the complete sexual experience that love can provide. Trust and love go hand in hand, just like how love and sex do. You trust the person you love and that trust makes the relationship even better and adds a level of comfort to it including sex. Perhaps, when you’re having sex with the person you love, you’re not worried about your insecurities or worried about being judged.

Everything being said, love does indeed make sex better but when you are lonely in a city like London, then you must seek the companionship of stunning London escorts and engage in some passionate lovemaking. You can book your appointment with the help of reputed agencies like Platinum X escorts and effortlessly fulfill all your sexual fantasies.