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15 Popular Sex Tourist Destinations in Europe

15 Popular Sex Tourist Destinations in Europe
05 April 2019

Today the tourism industry is booming with the rise in the standard of living of people. People have started exploring more than they did earlier. With this, a new kind of tourism is gaining popularity lately. yes, we are talking about sex tourism. It is a sensitive exploration but worth its adventure. people need to choose among countries that may/may not have legalized prostitution.

The choice is motivated by various points like fewer restrictions, cheap travel costs, lower cost of entertainment, etc. It would be wrong to believe that only men indulge in this type of tourism, women too have started exploring various areas of sex tourism.

Europe is famous for its beautiful and self-dependent countries that offer magnificent views. It has also seen a rise in the number of sex tourists. It has some wild spots which might be a couple of days away from one’s place. So here we will be looking at such sex tourist destinations in Europe.

It is a country along the borders of Russia. It was quick to alter its policies when its neighbor Russia banned all types of prostitution activities. Belarus is famous for beautiful Russian and Belarusian girls and the cheap costs. Since prostitution is legal, approximately 1900 workers are identified by local police and charges range from $40 to $500.

This is termed as a quiet country with a romantic city called Sofia. The city is famous for its cheap prostitution and beer. Despite legal prostitution, the organized sex trade is banned. So, there are no brothels in sight. Major areas of finding independent escorts include Lion’s Bridge and Maria Luisa. One can find many such prostitutes at the entrance of famous hotels too. Various strip clubs serve lap dance and other erotic pleasures. The famous Peep Show Bar for its sensual services and dance.

For groups of youngsters, they can hire a strip bus too for an all-night pleasure experience. The advantage of hiring Strip Bus is low cost and high-quality services.

Czech Republic
It is the home to “chocolate box city”, Prague. The city is quite liberal about sex culture and soliciting prostitution is legal. There are poster campaigns to spread awareness among people. Despite pornography and prostitution being legal, running a brothel is banned. However, there are over 200 brothels in the city of Prague which show the “strictness” of the law enforced. Cheap escorts can be invited for residence services while some of them can be found in strip clubs across the city.

There is no official red-light area, however for such guilty pleasures; one can head to Wenceslas Square. For more such night experiences, just head over to any side street and make your visit worth it.

The major city of Tallinn is famous for its variety of options in adult entertainment. Solicitation of sex is legal. Brothels are again illegal but common and well-endorsed. There are approximately 50-60 places of such kind in Tallinn and any taxi shall take you there. The older part of town has many massage parlors and street hookers. They might be hard to find but the service is worth their search. However, if one fails to find one, there are online escort services where an escort can be booked for as low as 50 euros per hour.

The major sex destination in Hungary is the city of Budapest. Adult services are licensed and regulated with assigned red-light areas. With huge demand, Budapest is termed a prostitute-friendly city. It is termed the sex capital of Europe with numerous brothels, street hookers, and massage parlors. A person can’t visit the city and not solicit the services for once.

Prostitution of any kind is majorly illegal in Lithuania. However, weak law enforcement has made it common in the country. In the capital city of Vilnius, there are more than 3000 sex workers which are mostly Russian. There has been a wild online campaign to lure visitors. The capital has cheap service rates from beautiful girls. Making it a desirable sex tourism destination.

This country is home to the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Riga. It also has legalized prostitution. Along with that, sex workers need to submit their health reports regularly and carry health cards. That’s how regulated the sex market is. However, brothels and organized solicitation are prohibited. Law enforcement is closing on street hookers however they can be found loitering on the streets. The charges are way cheaper for prostitutes starting from 30 euros. Whereas escort services can be a burden on the pocket.

Moldova has termed prostitution illegal in the country. However, it is termed as an organized crime in the country with several secretaries, managers, and owners. If found guilty, the crime is punishable through a fine only. Since it is the poorest country in Europe, the charges for adult pleasure can be as low as possible. There is no fear of any criminal charges against tourists as stated earlier.

The capital city of Warsaw is the hub of all kinds of sexual activities. Like many European countries, prostitution is legal but maintaining a brothel is not. Major sexual activities are arranged through escort services and massage parlors. There are some street hookers, but their number has declined considerably. Certain freelance prostitutes can be found in the old city of Vistula around railway stations. Their services are cheap but not up to the mark as reported.

The country’s capital Kiev is the hub for sex trading. The law enforcement turns a blind eye to prostitution despite being illegal. A rough estimate of about 70000 sex workers resides in Ukraine itself. The cost of service by street hookers is as low as 15 euros but there are numerous red-light areas across the city for prostitutes to choose from.

The erotic entertainment industry is thriving under lap dances and massage parlors in Ukraine welcoming even more visitors every year. Ukraine is the house of cheap liquor as the residents can drink an average of 15 liters a day.

If anyone is in for some fun during their stay in Europe, the above reviews can be helpful. So, pack your bags and get ready for an unforgettable experience in Europe!