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A Review of London Best Night Clubs

A Review of London Best Night Clubs
05 April 2019

Today, there is little scope for anyone who wants to relish the charm of nature. All thanks to the dense concrete jungles. Dance is the food to our soul. Life in London is too fast-paced, and one needs to take a break from monotony. But don’t worry! London has several clubs that are capable to suck out one’s tiredness. Just put on your dancing shoes and head over to any of your favorite dance clubs. Ambient lighting, ample dance space, and some talented DJs are enough to make you dance beyond limits. All you need is a wave of energy within you. Some clubs can satisfy anyone. London has more to offer than anybody can expect. So, are you confused about where to head over this weekend? We got you covered! Incoming lists of best night clubs in London in 3…2…1…


Location: Embankment, London

Heaven is truly a heaven for queers in London. It is highly popular among gay folks and attracts an appreciable crowd across the world. The club has a center dancing space where people can be found generating new steps all night. There is a private area for relaxation and interaction. A bar can be seen glistening with all kinds of liquor available. The bar also helps in socializing. Provision of spaces where guys can catch a breath after their dance is perfect. Overall the club is fabulous with above-par dance music and a soothing atmosphere. It is the best place for Gay people to have some fun.


Location: Kennington, London

If you are looking for luxury with style, this club should be on top of your list to visit. You might be an A-list influencer or celebrity who wants to enjoy in glamour. Guess what, you can have fun here without the fear of paparazzi. Since it hosts the who’s who of London, it is a member’s only club. However, non-members can enter the club if they are on the guest list.

About entertainment, the club employs the best DJs across the world for an unforgettable experience. This keeps the visitor loyal to the club. One should be particular about dressing up for Boujis.


Location: Mayfair, London

Suit up and show up for this stylish club offered by the owners of Chinawhite Club. Libertine attracts a high-society visitor group in London so one must be prepared to bump into the CEO of their company. One of the best DJs in London and across the globe is hired every night to make the guests dance till the night gives up to daylight. For relaxation, there is a lounge in Reason & Mankind, the speak-easy-style cocktail bar. So, head over to your first original clubbing experience!

The Box

Location: Soho, London

It is a branch of the club in New York which was opened in 2007. It attracts several Hollywood stars and many members of the Royal family. Living true to its name, the club is dark and unexpected like any box. The idea is to shock its guests with its explicit offerings. Warning don’t visit if you are claustrophobic or easily afraid. For those who want to experience a club of new kind, The Box won’t disappoint them.

Kensington Roof Gardens

Location: Kensington, London

This is a one-of-a-kind rooftop bar and club serving glamorous space for a party. It offers sophistication along with an unmatched view of London while you party. The choice of music is different from other clubs as it includes classics, pop hits along with various party anthems. All these points make this club a perfect venue for partying. For people who don’t want the crowd to bother, they can book a Pre-club party on Friday or Saturday between 7 PM-10 PM.


Location: Soho, London

Want to see what a million pounds can build for entertainment? DSTRKT is the answer from the owners of Mahiki Club and Whisky Mist. It is more like a restaurant that serves delicious food along with perfectly aged wine. You better tap your feet while food is in the kitchen because the DJs won’t let you sit. The sound system is state-of-the-art which keeps the guest calling back for more. But it is not for the people who are frugal about their spending. Keep your pockets full for a time you will never forget.

Cirque Le Soir

Location: Soho, London

It is not just a club; it is an acrobatic show with erotic tinge. You can find exceptional cabaret dancers, fire-eaters and other circus acts behind those black doors. For a non-stop entertainment in the most unusual way ever, this should be a must visit.


Location: Shoreditch, London

It is one of a kind club which focuses on musical experience solely. The club selects a variety of DJs and bands according to their quality, not on their genre. The interior is separated into two levels which consists of a bass-thumping dance floor and a bar area downstairs. One can be assured of a quality night out in this club!

Café De Paris

Location: Leicester Square

One of the oldest clubs in London, opened in 1924 which has maintained the 20s décor behind those doors. It is a member only club with an unforgettable experience. It offers one of a kind cabaret dances and burlesque nights. Be here for a vintage club experience and travel back in time!

Ministry of Sound

Location: Lambeth, London

Opened in 1991, it is a millennial club among this list. It is a pilgrimage for all those visitors who want to experience pure, quirky music to dance their hearts out. It has sister clubs all over the world which are living true to their brand reputation. It is more like a destination club for all those who visit London.

So, the next time you are feeling like having some fun and enjoy the nightlife in London, you now know what you need to do.