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Europe’s five most famous sex museums

Europe’s five most famous sex museums
12 March 2019

Europe is on the must-visit list of every traveller out there. There are so many amazing places to visit and enjoy that one lifetime is just not enough to explore the fascinating attractions that this city has to offer. The options are just endless, there are some amazing tourist places, excellent nightlife experiences, interesting shopping districts, fantastic restaurants and so much more that you will be spoilt for choices. As you know Europe comprises many different countries and each country has its own culture which it promotes to the travellers. As a result, you get to experience amazingly different cultures when you are travelling across Europe on a holiday.

Well, the options listed above are the usual places that every tourist likes to go to and are crowded at all times. But if you want to experience something risqué and give freedom to expression, then there are some amazing sex museums spread across Europe that attract people from all over the world. Europe has always been a sexually open society and as a result, there are some dedicated sex museums spread across Europe that house some interesting pieces, pictures, equipment and other stuff from the days that have gone by. Then certain museums have a dedicated section for sexual objects which makes for an interesting experience. These places act as a major attraction for those travellers who like to understand the evolution of modern-day sexual routines. Apart from offering some useful knowledge, a trip to these museums is an amazing learning experience.

It is without doubt that some years back museums were the only place where you could check out some curious erotic exhibits, funny sex toys and risqué artefacts. But with the rising popularity of the internet, all this information is now readily available to you over the internet. As a result, many erotic museums have shut their doors in the last few years amid dwindling footfall. Still, there is an unusual old-world charm associated with these sex museums that draw people in large numbers.

If you want to experience something unique and sexy during your European holiday, then we have curated a list of the most famous sex museums in Europe. These museums are spread across the continent and have been attracting travellers from all around. For your attention, this list does not reflect any particular ranking. Some of these museums house the individual collections of the owners while others belong to educational trusts.

  1. Sex Machines Museum, Czech Republic: – Situated in a 17th-century building and spread over three floors, the sex machines museum houses over 300 interesting exhibits. This museum holds the distinction of being the only museum in the world that is entirely dedicated to sex machines. You can find the usual vibrators to the interesting anti-masturbation machines that were used by people almost three hundred to four hundred years back. Many of these sex machines are the founding stones of modern-day sex toys. What’s more interesting, this museum houses an old erotic cinema that plays porn moves from the 1900’s. The museum opens daily from 10.00 AM to 11.00 PM and you need to purchase an entry ticket.
  1. Erotic Museum, Amsterdam: – This museum is situated right in the middle of Amsterdam’s red-light district and is spread over three floors. There are some amazingly interesting exhibits on display here which are not only funny to see but are educational also. This museum allows you to explore the history of human sexuality through literature, art, and sculpture. There is also a souvenir shop from where you can buy interesting goodies as memorabilia.
  1. Venus Temple, Amsterdam: – Famously known as the Sex Museum of Amsterdam, the Venus Temple was opened in the year 1985 and is the oldest contemporary sex museum in Europe. While the museum started with only a basic collection, today it has spread its area over two buildings and houses hundreds of sexual and erotic artefacts from all around the world ranging from old to latest. You will need to pay a minimal price for the entry ticket.
  1. Museu Erotic de Barcelona: – This list can not be complete without the mention of the famous Museu Erotic de Barcelona which recently celebrated its 21st This museum houses over a staggering 800 interesting sexual artefacts from around the world. They recently added a separate section for sex machines from all around the world. There is also an Erotic Garden towards the end of the trip to this museum where you can see how nature presented phallic forms in so many ways.
  1. The Wellcome Collection: – located along Euston Road in London, this is not exactly a sex museum but has a dedicated section for interesting sexual objects from the last few centuries. You can see stuff from all around the world including peculiar sex toys and Japanese sex dolls. This is a private museum and offers free entry to the visitors. So, when you are in London, this museum would make for an interesting visit. In London, many escorts are for companionship. If you want escorts in London for companionship, visit Platinum X escort agency and book an escort for companionship.

So, for your next European sojourn, you now have some interesting places to explore that will not only offer you some interesting entertainment but will also provide you with some rare knowledge.