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6 inventions that changed the way you have sex

6 inventions that changed the way you have sex
13 March 2021

Sex has been regarded as one of the most intimate and relaxing experiences that you can have with another human. Whether you are straight or gay, everyone loves sex and seeks the next possible opportunity to indulge in some passionate lovemaking. While some people like to engage in this intimate experience with someone, they love others and want to try out new things with new partners. In the first instance when you indulge in passionate lovemaking with your partner, there are a lot of emotions attached to the whole experience, but it does not provide the thrills and excitement of enjoying sex with a new partner now and then. What adds more fun to having sex are the various inventions over the last many years that add a new element of pleasure to your lovemaking experiences. Wondering what could those inventions be. Well, then read on and be enlightened.

  • Sex toys: – Sex toys like dildos, vibrators, dolls, and other kinky stuff have added a whole new element of fun and excitement to the normal sex life that you have been experiencing. You can get these toys at your nearest adult store or on the various websites available online.
  • Photography: – There is nothing more powerful than experiencing the beautiful bodies of your preferred sex through vivid images. Photography has played an important role in transforming boring sexual lives by showcasing various techniques, styles, and positions that you could try. Well, who does not imagine the sexy body of their favorite model or actor while engaging in sex?
  • Lubes: – Before lubes were invented, sex could sometimes be painful and restrictive. As the name suggests, these lubes act as a lubricant making the experience smooth and pain-free. Moreover, it lets you try different positions and penetration through the anus also.
  • Condoms: – Sexual diseases and unplanned were very common issues affecting every individual indulging in sex. With the invention of condoms, not only did people start having safer sex but the various flavors and types of condoms add more fun to your sexual experiences.
  • Internet: – Well, need it be said that what would your sex life be without the Internet? No longer do you need to pick up hookers from the street side, book your appointments with classy escorts through websites. Then you can enjoy intimate chats and videos with your partner through the internet.
  • Viagra: – Well, without Viagra, you would be done and over within a few minutes with your sexual experience. Viagra allows you to enjoy sex multiple times within a short time, allowing you to experience greater pleasures every time.

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